The public school reopens with a deficit of 43,700 teachers

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The public school has reopened its classrooms this week “with the same structural problems” as in recent years, but aggravated by the differences between the acting Government and the autonomous communities, most of them being against the LOMO o Celaá Law. The Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants Central (CSIF) denounces high student ratios, classes without reinforcements and highlights the effects of the rise in inflation for both centers and teachers.

In the last 10 years, the percentage of students enrolled in public education has “continuously decreased”, from 68.1% to 66,9%while the public presence of Vocational Training at a medium/higher level has been reduced by 12 points, from 77.1% to 65,5%.

From the CSIF, they have demanded that politicians stop using education as a “tool” and have once again requested a State pact that favors legislative stability to avoid situations such as the paralysis of the EBAU. They also highlight that the Spanish educational system has lost 43,700 teachers compared to 2010 and that the temporary teaching staff is 22,47%very far from the objective set by Europe of being at 8% before December 31, 2024. To alleviate these high levels of temporary employment, the CSIF has demanded the call for 84,901 places to reduce temporary employment, “which not only affects teachers, but it reduces the quality of teaching,” the union has highlighted.

With regard to the items of the European Funds for education, the person responsible for this area of ​​the CSIF, Mario Gutierrezhas questioned its use and has stated that he does not understand “that with an investment of 1,249 million euros in 2022 and 2023 there is no improvement in the classrooms. We do not see that the problems have been solved” and has announced that they have asked the ministry to directs Pilar Alegria and to the autonomous communities to report “transparently” on how they have been invested.

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