The reckless commitment of Madrid and Seville to MundotoroTV and the consequences for the bullfighting sector: regression, depreciation, blackout?

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When the businessmen from the Madrid and Seville squares, Rafael García Garrido and Ramón Valencia, at the time president and vice president of ANOET decided to sell -and well sold- the rights of the fairs of San Isidro -the removal of Telemadrid was not less by 2 million euros-, and April to the immature project of MundotoroTV, OneToroTV now, they did not measure well the consequences for the entire bullfighting sector that they represent in the great employers.

Releasing the hand of a global communication giant like Movistar -whatever the problems that may have entrenched in relations with Canal Toros, provoked the spiteful reaction of Telefónica after so many years betting- It was a double assisted suicide. The first by hanging, the disappearance of the media showcase. The second, due to starvation: the lack of financial muscle draws the profile of a grave. A blackout in the 2024 season if another big operator doesn’t show up?

Disappearing from a platform like Movistar Plus to avoid appearing on Vodafone or Orange -those with which they announced “advanced agreements” and you had to laugh- is a media disaster of incalculable proportions for the party, which has been reduced to a sign in “streaming” -except for some connection such as with Tivify- that the greats of communication -Orange, Vodafone, Movistar neither, no matter how much they forced it into the equation of “advanced agreements”- have not even wanted to see. And this is sad. They did not count on Movistar’s reaction because, in turn, they counted on that outlet to place the “product”.

He mode of operation of the financing rounds to buy the summer fairs but above all the Sanfermines, a fundamental piece, is short-lived. Hence the prices paid for fairs like Azpeitia, which has depreciated the market to the limit. For the cycle of three runs, they have paid (approx.) what Movistar paid for just one run, and that economically condemns for the future if other operators were to become interested. If you mark your fair, let’s say, for 90,000 euros, you have just sentenced it.

Joxín Iriarte has not resisted -at the cost of losing Morante along the way- as he has done Carlos Zuñiga son with the return of the bulls to Gijón: he will televise the 15th without lowering himself to the offer that would condemn him. With no news from Bilbao -will they dare with Cuenca as it was already heard in April?-, the programming offers little trash up to the nefarious idea of ​​televising bullfights without death from Portugal for the whole world in September. Just what bullfighting needs right now. Anyway.

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