The revolution supported by the world champions

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Spain’s star was not eclipsed in a month of federative, emotional and judicial upheavals. The victory against Sweden reinforced the players who stood up to claim the dignity of JenniBeautiful in the face of alleged abuse by his boss, the former president Luis Rubialesand that they forced to cause changes with the sole objective of feeling professional recognition.

“To those who expected us to lose after this week to continue pointing fingers, I tell you that I’m sorry,” he said ironically. Marion Caldentey. Her penalty goal in added time allowed Spain to beat the number 1 in the world ranking in the most difficult circumstances experienced by these soccer players and with a game praised even by the Swedish coach, Peter Gurhardsson.

It was the best way to show that, on the field, and despite the initial gesture and the banner, they only think about football, “what we know best and want to do,” recalled another of the scorers, Eva Navarro. Switzerland awaits this Tuesday at the Nuevo Arcángel in Córdoba, another emotional match because it represents the plebiscite of the Spanish fans to all the maelstrom that has occurred since Spain was proclaimed world champion in Sydney.

The federative expedition, reduced to the president in Göteborg Pedro Rocha and the women’s soccer coordinator, Rafael del Amo, as members of the management company, will expand in the Andalusian capital, although there are managers who do not want to get too close to this transition. Meanwhile, the changes demanded by the players are being implemented.

After the resignation of Rubiales, the dismissal of the general secretary was finalized last Wednesday, Andrew Fields, and on Friday, during the first minutes of the game, the first step to reform the Integrity department was made official with the departure of its head, García Caba. Added to this is the restructuring of the presidential cabinet, which is now headed by Elvira Andrés, and changes remain to be made in the area of ​​communication and marketing, although the hitherto press chief has no longer been in Göteborg, indicated by the statement with words that Hermoso did not pronounce.

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