The Supreme Court unanimously demands "absolute respect for the division of powers" after ‘lawfare’ accusations

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The Supreme Court issued a statement this Monday recalling that the Rule of Law, “on which the European Union and our constitutional order are founded, requires absolute respect for the division of powers.”

The term is not directly referred to in the text. lawfare agreed between the PSOE and Junts last Thursday in the pact for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez but legal sources consulted by THE WORLD They point out that the Government Chamber makes this unusual pronouncement given the seriousness of the accusations leveled against the members of the Judiciary.

The pronouncement of the last judicial body of our country has been preceded by the unanimous statement of all the judicial associations, of the General Council of the Judiciary, of the presidents of provincial hearings, of the Government Chambers of the Superior Courts of Justice and of the senior judges of Spain.

Likewise, the High Court, especially scrupulous when it comes to interfering in political activity, unanimously affirms that “the exercise of the jurisdictional function is always in accordance with legality, the defense of Constitution and to safeguard the rights and freedoms of all citizens, in particular, equality in the application of the law.”

All members of the Government Chamber of the Supreme Court point out in unison “the need to preserve and guarantee judicial independence from all institutions” and “see the oversight or supervision of jurisdictional work by other powers of the State as incompatible with it.”

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