The Thai Police maintains in its final report the accusation of premeditated murder against Daniel Sancho

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The Thailand Police maintains the accusation of premeditated murder against the Spanish Daniel Sancho in its final report of the investigation into the death of the Colombian Edwin Arrietawhich was delivered this Monday to the Prosecutor’s Office, police sources revealed to EFE.

The Police of the Phangan island (southern Thailand) accuses Sancho, after a two-month investigation, of premeditated murder and concealment of the body, the same charges that were presented against the Spaniard on August 7, when he was brought to justice and entered into provisional prison.

The Samui Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to EFE that it had received the report from the neighboring police station Phanganwhere the alleged crime took place on August 2.

Prosecutors must now prepare their own report, which they must submit to the Samui court before October 29, at which point the judge can set a date for the trial.

Sancho, 29 years old and who is in provisional prison in the Samui prisonwas arrested on August 5 in Phangan, after confessing that day to the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon, whose remains were scattered across the island and the sea.

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