The "thorough" negotiation of the PNV with Pedro Sánchez

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The PNV maintains an intense exchange of “documents” with the PSOE and maintains a strict silence about the progress of the most complicated negotiations in Madrid for the Basque nationalists in their history. Because the party of Andoni Ortuzar has decided to play together with Junts, ERC and EH Bildu the card of “national recognition” of Euskadi and Catalonia but needs to revalue its devalued role as a source of resources and power for Basque institutions. At the negotiation table, the management of Social Security stands out, an old desire of the nationalists that Sánchez promised to facilitate in December 2021.

«To have trust between the parties [de una negociación] “First, the previous agreements must be fulfilled,” the deputy general of Álava warned yesterday. Ramiro Gonzalez. González is not part of the hard core of the PNV that negotiates directly with La Moncloa for nationalist support for the investiture, but he is the strongest institutional representative of Ortuzar in Álava, the next major electoral objective of EH Bildu.

Because the negotiation of support for Sánchez requires the PNV to go far beyond the strategy used for decades to pressure the PP and PSOE to appear in Euskadi. Agreements that allowed it to obtain funds from the central government used for large fiascos such as projects Epsilon, of the city o Carranza with tens of millions of euros wasted.

Andoni Ortuzar and his spokesperson in Congress Admit Esteban They placed in the preamble to the negotiation with Sánchez the list of 32 transfers approved by the Government Council on February 20, 2020 and which, in its last box, includes “initiating studies for the examination of subjects related to the economic management of Social Security. A matter that Sánchez promised to analyze between June and December 2021 and that along with 22 other competencies remain frozen.

«What do we want the vote for? To continue being the voice of Euskadi in Madrid. We want a voice and vote to achieve the transfer of Social Security. So that? To guarantee more and better pensions in Euskadi,” warned Andoni Ortuzar on July 9 in Vitoria. The PNV aspires to achieve this Basque Social Security in chapters and the first involves assuming “economic management.” The general secretary of the PSE-EE Eneko Andueza discarded in THE WORLD That this transfer could break the single fund, but the negotiation of the investiture goes beyond verbal commitments and legal frameworks.

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