Demonstration in Ferraz against Pedro Sánchez’s pacts with the independence movement and the amnesty law

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Hundreds of people gathered starting at seven in the afternoon to protest against the acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in front of the PSOE headquarters in Madrid. A person was arrested for trying to jump the police cordon, after refusing to show his documentation to the agents, according to Europa Press.

The rally, called by social networks in front of number 70 Ferraz Street, was not communicated, according to sources from the Government Delegation to Gran Madrid. However, according to police sources, the National Police was aware of the call and carried out an important deployment with traffic cuts on Ferraz Street itself from its intersection with Luisa Fernanda Street.

The germ of the protest was found on Twitter, Telegram and other platforms by accounts related to Vox, as well as influencers defenders of conspiracy theories, which during the pandemic They called to break confinement and encouraged not to get vaccinated.

Among the most prominent voices that have participated in the call for this illegal concentration is the vice president of Castilla y León, Juan García Gallardowho called on his followers to go to the doors of Ferraz.

“Some people from Madrid tell me that he stayed a good afternoon to take a walk through Ferraz at 7:00 p.m. It would be a shame to be in Madrid and not go“, assured the leader of Vox on his Twitter account, accompanying his message with the hashtag #EspañaDespierta and the emoticon of a tricolor flag.

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