The Tories accuse the Labor leader of wanting to revoke Brexit

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Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer has once again caused a political storm for ensuring that his party “does not want divergence” with the European Union. All together, the conservatives have loaded the artillery, accusing him want to revoke Brexit and plotting re-entry into the EU, with the help of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Starmer’s new statements took place again outside the United Kingdom, as he passed through Canada, where he declared that “the more values ​​we share (with the EU) the more we will share the future and the less conflict we will have.” In the presence of the prime minister Justin Trudeauthe Labor leader reiterated his intention not to deviate from EU rules and “not to lower environmental standards, or labor rights, or food standards, or anything else.”

His words were amplified by conservative media and especially for The Daily Mailwhich is setting the agenda for Rishi Sunak and his hard right turn. The British tabloid headlined directly with “the betrayal of Brexit” and opened the thunder of the tories.

“Keir (Starmer) voted to remain, and then he supported a second referendum, and then he backed out,” Foreign Secretary James Cleverly declared at the time. “He Now he wants to return to the EU but without the name. What really is Labour’s position?”

“Starmer wants to return to the EU for all purposes and reactivate the Brexit agony of the past,” warned the housing secretary. Michael Goveformer traveling companion of Boris Johnson on the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign.

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