Söder is re-elected leader of the Bavarian CSU after a speech against the Scholz Government and uncontrolled immigration

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Two weeks from elections in the state of Bavaria, the Christian Democratic Union (CSU) has closed ranks around Markus Söder. The leader of the party and current minister president of that Land has collected the support of 95.6% of delegates gathered in a congress that marks the countdown in elections in which the CSU is far from the absolute majority but will retain the Government.

Söder, although with internal enemies, has the CSU under control. This Saturday is his best result of the four elections he has undergone as leader of the party. In absolute numbers, there were 646 of the 669 valid votes. There were 10 abstentions, which in the CSU are counted as null votes. Söder had prepared the delegates for the decisive final stretch of the electoral campaign, with a bavarian speechdefense of traditions combined with modernity, attacks on the tripartite led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), but also with lateral blows to the traffic light lateral blows to the coalition partner in Munich, the Free Electors.

“This federal government is probably the worst government that Germany has ever had,” said Söder, who outlined the errors that in his opinion the tripartite is making, including the inheritance taxare tolerance towards illegal immigrants who “also commit crimes, cutting aid to families, education and investments, especially in technology.”

“Bavaria is agricultural, but it has always opted for technology and that is why Apple plans to install its European center in Bavaria. We have the best education in the countryour universities are among the most excellent on the planet and We dedicate more to innovation and science than Spain or Italy. I’m not saying that we will reach the moon, but if we were in a position to reach the moon, what I would do is send many of the politicians who govern in Berlin there,” said Söder in an almost populist tone but one that the delegates received with applause and laughter.

There was no shortage of criticism of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock, from the Green party. “He just visited Mongolia with the Secretary of Culture Claudia Roth (also from that party) to explain their feminist policy. There they were, crossing the steppe, stopping at huts to explain Germany’s feminist foreign policy to the women. Can you imagine the faces of those Mongolians when Baerbok and Roth spoke to them about feminism in Germany?” Söder asked, unleashing more applause. And he added: “Where Mrs. Baerbock would have to go is to Tunisia and other African countries to reach agreements that control migration“.

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