The Treasury provides the experts that Marlaska denied to investigate the ‘Cuarteles case’

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The one known as Barracks casein which the magistrate María Isabel Durántez investigates whether ghost works were carried out in 13 command offices of the Civil Guard worth 3.3 million, has emerged from the dead end in which Fernando Grande-Marlaska had left it thanks to the support of the Ministry of Finance.

The María Jesús Montero area has appointed the team of experts that the judge needed to advance her investigations, since these professionals will be the ones who will verify whether the work was done or not.

Despite being a crucial element, the Ministry of the Interior refused to collaborate, forcing the instructor to turn to the Treasury, specifically Heritage. As she published THE WORLDGrande-Marlaska ignored it up to three times between January 2022 and November of the same year when, faced with the inaction of the Interior, he went to the Treasury in search of the expert opinion that would allow him to unblock what is possibly the most delicate case ever addressed. faces the Armed Institute in years.

The works were put out to tender to the businessman Ángel Ramón Tejera de Leónalias Mon -linked to Mediator case– to whom the lieutenant general Pedro Vázquez Jarava, considered by investigators to be the head of the plot, awarded nearly 193 contracts from the General Directorate of the Civil Guard in just three years. Yesterday the former head of the Ávila Command between 2015 and 2017 declared, Carlos Alonso Rodríguezafter he requested to do so voluntarily.

Durántez has opened an investigation for crimes of prevarication, so the matter will be governed by the Jury Lawwith which – if it goes to trial – the accused will sit before a popular court.

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