They find an unexploded anti-tank projectile 200 meters from a bathing area on the coast of Melilla

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The Civil Guard has located this Tuesday in Melilla a projectile without exploding 200 meters from a bathing area of its coast, specifically of the Aguadu cliffswhich are frequented by dozens of citizens.

The projectile was about 10 meters deepso it has proceeded to mark the area and report the facts to the Naval Command of the Spanish city in North Africa.

And GEAS team has ensured security in place to initiate the protocol for your deactivation by divers specialists in deactivation of explosives of the Navy (EODE).

As reported by a spokesman for the Command of the Civil Guard of Melillayour unit has received notice of a frank civil guard of service, belonging to the EBYL (Explosives Search and Location Team) of this Command, which I practiced diving in the Aguadú area, who has warned of the presence of a large projectile on the seabed.

The source has detailed that the GEAS Team of this Command has been activated, which, once in the area, and in tracking activities, managed to locate said missile. about 60 centimeters long and 12 wide“which could be an unexploded M344A1 HEAT shaped charge round.”

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