They present the complete model of human synthetic embryo created in a laboratory

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Know them first days of human life it is already possible. From June until now Nature magazine He has already echoed the main advances that different teams have made to reveal what happens at the moment of conception. all this, in a laboratory, without sperm or egg. And just to observe until the 14th, the date that marks the bioethical legality for this type of ‘experiments’.

the work of Palestinian researcher at the Weizman Institute, Jacob Hannawhich circulated through the scientific community as a preprint (unreviewed publication) after the announcement you made on a forumMagdalena Zernicka-Goetzfrom the University of Cambridge, about a similar advance and which caused a general stir, has been published today in the scientific journal.

A step that Hanna needed for the community to give the necessary credibility to the progress. “First we had to make the results known in a scientific journal,” she pointed out in an interview with EL MUNDO last June. “Normally we don’t talk to the press until we have the endorsement of reviewing them and publishing them in an official magazine.”

Once in an official publication, you can know the details of the models developed by the israeli institute. The synthetic embryos that Hanna shows allow observe the hormones that confirm the positives in a pregnancy test in the laboratory. The truth is that with this step questions can be put on the table to which answers can be given through experimental interrogations hitherto inaccessible, from the moment of the first post-implantation phase of the zygote in the uterus until the development of perigastrulation.

To build that synthetic model, the starting material was composed of pluripotent stem cells who were reprogrammed to gain the potential to become any type of tissue in the human body. Different substances were then used to ‘persuade’ other key roles to be taken on in the early stages of the embryo.

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