Thousands storm UN-assisted facilities in Gaza to take food and supplies

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Thousands of people have broken into warehouses and distribution centers in the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in the center and south of the Gaza Stripcontrolled by the Islamist group Hamasand supplies stored there have been taken, the humanitarian agency reported this Sunday.

He specified that these people have taken wheat flour and other “survival” items such as hygiene equipment, and that in one of the raided warehouses, in Deir al-Balahlocated in the center of the Strip, there were supplies that had arrived in humanitarian convoys from Egypt.

In a statement, UNRWA Gaza Affairs Director Thomas Whiteindicated that “this is a worrying sign that civil order is breaking down after three weeks of war and a strict siege in Gaza.”

“People are afraid, frustrated and desperate. The tension and fear are worsened by the cutting of telephone and internet communication lines. They feel alone, cut off from their families within Gaza and the rest of the world,” he lamented.

The Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, expressed his concern. “The situation in Gaza is becoming increasingly desperate, hour by hour. I regret that instead of a cruelly necessary humanitarian pause, supported by the international community, Israel has intensified its military operations,” Guterres declared during a visit to the capital Kathmandu. from Nepal.

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