Trailer and everything we know about Inside Out 2, the return of the famous Pixar film

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In 2015 it premiered From the Reverseanimated film Pixar directed by Pete Docter y Ronaldo Del Carmen. The successful feature film will have a sequel, titled From the Reverse 2which already has a trailer.

The first installment focused on a girl named Riley and how their emotions acted, Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Asco e Ira, after moving to a new city. “From the Reverse 2 returns to the mind of Riley, a teenage newcomer, just as her headquarters is being demolished to make way for something totally unexpected: new emotions. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who have long run a successful operation, are unsure how to handle the arrival of Anxiety“, reads the official synopsis.

“Our girl is growing up very fast and things couldn’t be going better,” Alegría says in the preview. Everything changes when some beings burst into the young woman’s head to prepare the arrival of a new emotion. “I am Anxiety. Where do I leave my things?“, he asks. “A new emotion… Hello…”, Alegría answers, somewhat scared.

Kelsey Mann directs the production, written by Me LeFauve. Although at the moment the exact release date is not known, Pixar has already announced that the film will hit theaters in the summer 2024.

In the original version, the voice cast is made up of Amy Poehler like Joy, Phyllis Smith like Sadness, Lewis Black like Wrath, Tony Hale like fear and Liza Lapira Like Disgust.

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