Twenty people are evicted from two rural houses due to a large forest fire in Valencia de Alcántara

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About twenty people who were staying in two rural houses have been evicted in the last few hours due to the forest fire that started yesterday afternoon in the Valencia of Alcantara (Cáceres), which currently remains at level 1 of danger and presents an uncertain evolution, as reported by the Junta de Extremadura. The extinction works point to a favorable progression but as long as the current weather conditions are maintained.

Specifically, on Monday afternoon, 14 people were evicted from the rural house called ‘Virgen de la Cabeza’, to which eight others from ‘La Macera’ have joined this morning. Last night there were several reactivations of the fire due to changes in the wind produced while the troops had difficulties accessing the area, which is why it has remained active in an area called La Aceña de la Borrega, within the municipal area. from Valencia de Alcantara.

Currently, a total of 150 troops, deployed in 12 land units, five air units, ten aerial means, one heavy machinery, four natural environment agents and four INFOEX Plan technicians. Likewise, media from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), the Cáceres Provincial Council and the Red Cross collaborate.

The authorities maintain level 1 of danger due to its proximity to isolated houses, although it is far from important population centers. The fire started at 4:30 p.m. in an area of ​​meadows and scrub, heading for another of ridges and scrub that made extinguishing tasks difficult.

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