Kuwait bans Barbie movie over "offend public morals"

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Kuwait has banned the world blockbuster from its cinemas ‘Barbie‘ for “offending public morality”, according to the country’s authorities.

There are several American blockbusters that have been received with some discomfort in the Middle East. “The broadcast of the films ‘Barbie’ and ‘Talk Two Me’ has been prohibited,” said Lafi Subaïei, president of the film censorship committee, quoted by the official Kuna press agency.

This body, linked to the Ministry of Communication Media, is interested in “prohibit everything that violates public morals, public order and traditions, introducing foreign ideas into society,” he adds.

Before making their decision, the authorities had called for the “suppression of certain obscene scenes that encourage unacceptable behavior,” it said, without giving details of the passages in question.

Although ‘Barbie’ has grossed more than $1 billion at the global box office, Kuwaiti censorship will apply to “any film that contravenes the values ​​and traditions of our society,” the official said.

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