Ukraine – Russia war, last minute | Zelensky warns of a possible increase in Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure

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As the war in Ukraine marks 630 days, the Ukrainian army attempts to make progress in southern Jershon region to force the Russian withdrawal from the left bank of the Dnieper River, while resisting the Russian push on the eastern front, where rival troops have been attacking without pause for weeks.

The fighting took over the surroundings of the destroyed Ukrainian city of Avdiivkain the east of the country, the Ukrainian military said Monday, and Moscow’s forces intensified aerial bombardment and attempted to advance with ground forces.

Russian air defenses destroyed four Ukrainian drones over four Russian regions, including the Moscow region, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Ukraine immersed in a counteroffensive that has only made gradual progress in the east and south. Russia has focused on eastern Ukraine since it failed to advance on Kiev in the early days of the 20-month war, and launched an offensive in mid-October to take Avdiivka, 20 km from the city. of Donetsk, in Russian hands.

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