Vodafone Spain contains the fall in income between July and September, while Digi grows 30%

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Vodafone Spain managed to contain the drop in income between July and September, second quarter of its fiscal year, with a turnover of 965 million euros1.3% less than the previous year, while Digi continues its rapid growth and has a turnover of 30% more in the same period (166 million euros).

The two telecommunications operators presented their third quarter results this Tuesday in very different situations. While in the case of Vodafone this is one of the last results in which the Spanish subsidiary will be present after its sale to Zegona, Digi is close to acquiring numerous assets of Orange and MásMóvil as part of the merger process between them. .

By Vodafoneservice revenue (derived from connectivity) fell by 2.7%, which is also an improvement over previous revenue declines, but makes Spain in the only Vodafone market that did not grow in this period along with Italya fact that the group attributes to competition and the tendency to low cost.

In the first fiscal semester, the company invoiced a total of 1,929 million euros1.8% less than the previous year, with a gross operating profit (Ebitda) of 394 million euros, a drop of 11.6%, of which seven points are attributed to extraordinary tax benefits in 2022 and the increase in energy costs.

At a commercial level, the company added 78,000 mobile customers and 19,000 Lowi customers and gave up 20,000 broadband customers and 16,000 television customers. During the quarter, Vodafone closed 15% of retail stores and several distributor contracts were not renewed. The company renewed its steering committee last September to launch a new commercial acquisition strategy and yesterday it improved Lowi’s rates with more mobile data.

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