War of nerves in the ministries over the formation of the Government: How do the 22 of Sánchez… and Díaz arrive?

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A leader of the PSOE Executive leaves through the door of Congress, opens his arms to the sky and exclaims: “We were in the UVI!”, paraphrasing the harangue of Manuel Ruiz de Lopera to the Betis fans in 1994. “We have done it, we have done it!” repeated a socialist deputy. “Oh my God, we did it!” commented another. In the Government offices in Congress, the ministers made a corridor for Pedro Sánchez. Applause, shouts of “president!” and some limb bouncing. “Well, let’s get to it,” summed up a socialist position. And what’s the mess? Form government. “I know nothing”; “I don’t know”, “Ask the president that”… Once the trance of the investiture has been overcome, nerves take over the Government and the PSOE in the face of the buzz of the pools. Hot chairs. “The president has not told us anything”; «Pedro is very surprised»; «Anyone can jump…»; “There will be changes…”. Sure, portfolio reduction. This is how the ministers arrive.

NADIA CALVIÑO. She has mutated into a more political than technical profile, often being Sánchez’s effective shield against PP and Vox. Government economic authority. The differences between her and Unidas Podemos have been notable, especially with Pablo Iglesias or Yolanda Díaz. Respected voice in Brussels. She wants to continue, but she is awaiting her candidacy to preside over the European Investment Bank (EIB). She will be known at the end of the year. If she is elected, she would not be able to make the position compatible. Sánchez must decide before the white smoke.

YOLANDA DIAZ. She inherited the leadership of the Unidas Podemos space when she was hand-picked by Iglesias. She will repeat as her vice president, but Sánchez will foreseeably place another economic authority above her to protect her. Hers are some of the main flags of this Executive: social dialogue, the increase in the minimum wage, labor reform… her aim would be to increase her powers.

TERESA RIBERA. In the PSOE it is a fixture to follow. The Ecological Transition is one of Sánchez’s axes, which took it as number two on the lists in Madrid, making the ticket. His initiatives to reduce electricity or gas gave Sánchez oxygen at a complex time. She has known how to get by in Europe.

JOSÉ MANUEL ALBARES. Sánchez’s most trusted person. Loyal. The president’s international advisor even before becoming a minister. He has managed with recognition crises such as those in Afghanistan, Ukraine, now Gaza… he has contributed to Sánchez’s international profile, in which he is so comfortable. A very sensitive wallet. Morocco always present. The Spanish turn to the Sahara stands out like a thorn. The clash with Algeria has already been redirected, since this week the Government has granted approval to the new Algerian ambassador in Spain.

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