War Ukraine – Russia, last minute | Lukashenko confirms that Putin suggested killing Wagner’s boss

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The war in Ukraine does not stop and the missiles continue to fall, and kill, while the statements and analyzes of the rebellion led by the owner of Wagner, a refugee in Belarus, multiply. The latest count of the attack in the center of Kramatorskraises to eight deadincluding three children, already, at least, 56 the wounded. More victims are still being searched among the rubble.

the ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina is in critical condition while the former peace commissioner SergioJaramilloThe novelist Hector Abad Faciolince and the journalist catalina gomez were slightly injured in the attack on the downtown restaurant of the city under Ukrainian control, Ria’s Pizzafrequented by journalists and soldiers.

President Vladimir Putin, He has praised the loyalty of his military and security forces in the face of the rebellion led by Yevgueni Prigozhin, who has taken refuge in Belarus after his criminal case was filed in his country.

NATO Secretary General,Jens Stoltenberg, assured this Tuesday that the Russian invasion of Ukraine “has deepened divisions and created tensions” in Russia, as shown by the rebellion of the Grupo Wagner, although he warned that “we must not underestimate” Moscow.

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