Who is Milo J, the Argentine who stars in the new Bizarrap session

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Milo J is the singer of Music Sessions #57the long-awaited new single from Shaving. The producer revealed it on Tuesday, October 3, the day he published a photo of the two together on social media. In the text two emojis appear showing the flag of Argentina and a mate. Their collaboration will be released on Wednesday, October 4.

Camilo Joaquín Villaruel is the real name of this young man who is only 16 years old. He was born in 2006 in Morón, west of the city of Buenos Aires. His musical career began with your turnsa song released in November 2021. After presenting other singles, he triumphed with Miraculouswhich was released in August 2022 and marked a before and after in its career.

The musician mixes rap, trap and hiphop in his work. brunette, Morning y Corner They are other of his singles. Among her collaborations with other artists, the following stand out: Seldom con Tai and Shoot with Nicki Nicole. The rapper performed this last song with his partner in the third edition of The Evening of the Yearevent organized by River Llanos and who was invited to perform.

Shaving announced that his compatriot Milo J will be the protagonist of Music Sessions #57With which ended the speculation that his fans spread on social networks and that suggested that a great international star could be chosen for the song.

The producer generated a lot of excitement around this release by changing his name on social media to Bizapop temporarily. Besides, released a short film of almost nine minutes with the actor Guillermo Francella (The Secret in Their Eyes) to confirm the release date of this new ‘session’. It will succeed the one starring Rauw Alejandro, published at the end of June.

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