Why should you take at least two vacation cards with you?

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Some people seem to collect credit cards. The thickness of their portfolio usually gives them away. And there are others, on the other hand, who entrust their day to day to a single plastic. Which is the best strategy?

Sometimes, less is more. An excess of cards can make it difficult to manage personal finances, especially if they are credit cards, since if they are not used responsibly, they can lead to unwanted over-indebtedness.

In addition, banks can change the conditions of their means of payment at any time by notifying them two months in advance and if the communications from all entities are not regularly reviewed, there may be surprises. But having at least two is recommended, especially when traveling. And if one of them is a commission-free travel cardbetter, explain the experts of the financial product comparator HelpMyCash.com.

If the main card is lost, broken or swallowed by an ATM and we are hundreds of kilometers from our branch, a second card can save us. Also if a criminal steals it.

You don’t even need to carry them all with you. Today, with the popularization of mobile payments, you can carry one or two cards in physical format and the rest in a wallet (It doesn’t hurt to have at least one physical card in case you lose your mobile or run out of battery). Reserve cards can even stay erased while not in useto heal in health and prevent a third party from using them without our consent if they are lost, HelpMyCash sources point out.

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