Worm larvae detected in five school cafeterias in La Rioja

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Five school cafeterias The Rioja They have informed the Ministry of Education that they have found worm larvae in one of the dishes they include on their menu. Government sources assure that they have opened an investigation to clarify what happened and determine if they can open a file against the concessionaire company of the Rioja school cafeterias, Serunion, although in all cases the presence of worms was detected before serving the dishes to the students. children.

According to the information provided by families from these centers to the Federation of Parents’ Associations (Fapa Rioja), in the cases known to them, the larvae were found in pasta dishes served in different community centers. These are schools that “are very separated from each other, in different locations, so we do not know if there are more or if others have realized this before serving it,” although “what we can confirm is that the children did not consume the food,” detailed the technical secretary of this Federation, Esteban García.

This organization has been denouncing for years the lack of quality that, in its opinion, the school cafeteria menus have and demands the presence of cooks in educational centers instead of bringing food prepared from outside them.

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