Yolanda Díaz proposes a massive amnesty that includes the CDR and Tsunami

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Sumar, the party led by the second vice president of the acting Government, Yolanda Díaz, presented this Tuesday in Barcelona a proposal for amnesty for those involved in the process which includes members of the Defense Committees for the Republic (CDR) investigated for terrorism and those of Democratic Tsunamithe organization that flooded Catalonia with acts of vandalism to protest against the Supreme Court’s ruling against the independence leaders who promoted 1-O.

It is that of Adding a proposal that covers from January 1, 2013 until the constitution of the Cortes that took place last August and that has a massive nature, since the experts of the organization chaired by Díaz – present in Barcelona, ​​but mute – defend amnesty from the main leaders of the processstarting by Carles Puigdemont and the rest of the members of the Government that organized the 1-O, up to the 700 mayors investigated for supporting it, the 700 people criminally charged in separatist protests, those investigated by the Court of Accounts or in the Volhov operationof economic support for the secessionist cause and which revealed links between Puigdemont’s entourage and the Kremlin.

“The actions of the members of the Security Forces and Corps aimed at preventing the holding of the referendum will also be amnestied,” includes the opinion of the wise men of Sumar, in which, yes, it is specified that the agents likely to be accused of “torture or other crimes against moral integrity” will be excluded from the measure of grace.

The law would also exclude potential beneficiaries, such as the former president of the Generalitat, Jordi Pujoland the former president of the Parliament, Laura Borrasconvicted of corruption and abandoned by most of the separatism, which agrees on the impossibility of exonerating her.

Sumar defines the approval of the amnesty as “a second decriminalization phase” after the granting of pardons and the suppression of the crime of sedition and recognizes that “its purpose is to resolve from a political point of view the existing conflict between Catalonia and the Spanish State “, a statement that contradicts the secessionist narrative that defends that the amnesty “is not an end point”, but rather the mechanism that will “set the counter to zero” to begin negotiating a referendum agreed with the State and whose result is binding.

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