Climate change threatens the quality of beer in Europe

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The European regions producing beer could experience a 4% to 18% reduction in traditional aroma hop yields by 2050, due to increased heat and more frequent droughtssuggests a study of Nature Communications.

The research, led by the Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, also indicates that this reduction would be 20% to 31% in relation to hop acidswhich are key to the bitter taste of beer, also until 2050.

Models indicate that these expected declines will be due to rising temperatures and more frequent and severe droughts, he summarizes. Natureand the authors call for urgent adaptation measures to stabilize international market chains.

Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world, after water and tea. and it is the most popular alcoholic beverage worldwide.

In addition to water, malting barley and yeast, used hop to aromatize it, which contains compounds called alpha acids that give it its bitter aroma and affect its quality.

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