A child and an adult die and some 30 people remain missing when a zodiac sinks 162 kilometers from the Canary Islands

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A child and, apparently, an adult man have died when an inflatable boat located Tuesday at 7:53 p.m. Maritime Rescue Spanish 88 nautical miles, 162 kilometers, south of Gran Canaria with about 60 occupants on board, whose rescue was coordinated by Morocco. In addition to the deaths, about thirty people may have disappeared.

The Rabat rescue coordination center has informed Maritime Rescue that the patrol boat Al Mansour has rescued 24 occupants of that pneumatic, some of them in the water, as reported by a spokesman for the Spanish state society on Wednesday.

For its part, the Spanish helicopter Helimer 201sent from the Canary Islands, recovered the lifeless body of a child from the area of ​​the shipwreck, which he immediately transferred to the Gran Canaria airport.

The colective Walking Borders ensures that this zodiac had departed with 60 people, including six women and a minor, of Cape Boujdour.

The pneumatic was located by a Maritime Rescue plane at 7:53 p.m. on Tuesday, after a telephone call for help started the search device, which included a request for help from any merchant ship that was navigating in the area. .

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