A doubly beautiful centenary: "we know each other without speaking"

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4,053 days have passed since Jenni Beautiful he will put on the shirt of the Spanish team for the first time. It was June 21, 2012. He made his debut in a match against Turkey in which the national team won 4-0. The Madrid player took the field in the 69th minute, wearing the number 11 on her shirt. In that match he already demonstrated his talent, contributing to the play for the last goal by placing a cross that one of the players from the rival team scored on his own goal.

Well, yesterday Hermoso managed to reach the 100 parties. She is the second Spanish player who has played the most matches, only behind Alexia Putellas, but that’s not all he achieved in the 5-0 defeat of Zambia. She scored a double that keeps her as the team’s top scorer, and that has helped her round off another figure, the 50 goals with the selection. Therefore, it is not surprising that she won the award for the best player of the match. But she not only scores goals, she also gives them. The former Atlético de Madrid player attended Tere Abelleira in the first goal. “Giving the last pass to create chances and for my teammates to score is one of the things I enjoy the most,” he said after the game.

With the national team, he scored his first goal in a friendly against Russia in January 2013, in the run-up to the Euro Cup, where he would have a leading role scoring against England and Norway. His career in the 2015 World Cup was very different. It was the first time he had participated in the competition and his presence was limited to 84 minutes against Costa Rica.

With the arrival of Jorge Vilda to the bench, that same year, Jenni recovered stripes in the team. In the 2017 Euro Cup he played three of the four games, staying out against Austria, and in the 2019 World Cup he played everything, scoring three goals (two against South Africa and one against the United States). However, his best scoring figure was achieved in February 2021, when the team faced Kazakhstan and achieved a 0-13 victory; five of the goals bore the Madrid stamp.

He could have surpassed fifty a lot earlier if he hadn’t missed the Eurocup last year due to injury. Fortunately, Jenni was able to rejoin the team, and she did so just at the moment the controversy surrounding Vilda broke out. The player did not belong to the group of 15 rebelse tried to stay out of the conflict but the reality is that he was out of the call on several occasions, until February of this year, when he officially returned.

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