A mysterious tattoo helps identify a woman who disappeared in Belgium 31 years ago

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A mysterious tattoo, a black flower tattooed on the left forearmhas allowed the identification of the British Rita Roberts 31 years after his disappearance.

Interpol has announced that a body found in a river in Antwerp in 1992 belonged to the British woman.

It was a relative of his who saw the tattoo on a website call ‘Identify Me’: “A member of his family in the United Kingdom recognized the tattoo and notified Interpol,” explains a statement from Interpol, which is based in the French city of Lyon.

Rita Roberts could be identified thanks to a “black flower tattooed on her left forearm, with green leaves and the word ‘R Nick’ inscribed below,” adds the international police cooperation organization.

This unprecedented campaign, launched by Interpol in May, appeals to the general public to help identify the bodies of 22 women recovered over several decades in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands (including that of Rita Roberts) and thus be able to advance the investigations into these unsolved cases.

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