Agreement between Ukraine and Slovakia to unblock the import of Ukrainian grain

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The Slovak Minister of Agriculture, Josez Bireshas reached an agreement with its Ukrainian counterpart, Mykola Solskyifor sell Ukrainian grains through a system based on the issuance and control of licenses, the Ministry of Agriculture reported this Thursday in Bratislava.

Until the effectiveness of the new system is proven, Slovakia will maintain its unilateral import ban on corn, wheat, rapeseed and sunflower seeds from Ukraine until the end of 2023.

He kyiv Executive undertakes, immediately, to withdraw its complaint against Slovakia before the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as the ban on imports of Slovak food in Ukraineassured the Slovak ministry.

“Minister Solskyi promised that he will withdraw his complaint from the same day, September 20 (when the negotiation between the ministries took place),” the spokesperson added.

Ukraine maintains a similar dispute with Poland and Hungary, countries that wish to protect their agricultural sector with unilateral bans on the transit of Ukrainian grains through their territories, fearing that part of these quotas will remain in their countries and thus affect local prices.

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