Artificial intelligence transforms the battlefield

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As gunpowder and the atomic bomb did before, artificial intelligence (AI) has the capacity to revolutionize war again, according to analysts, transforming human confrontations in ways that were previously unimaginable and much more lethal.

The integration of this technology into military weapons, vehicles and computer programs has modified the battle lines in conflicts such as the one in Ukraine and also threatens to change the competition for global supremacy between China and the United States.

The issue had arisen before the summit that the leaders Joe Biden and Xi Jinping They held this Wednesday in California and there had been speculation that both could agree on a ban on the use of lethal autonomous weapons.

However, no such agreement occurred between the leaders of the United States and China, who left their teams of experts to continue analyzing the application of this technology that can revolutionize the war scenario in the air, sea or land.

Western experts maintain that Beijing is investing massively in AI, to the point that it will soon can change the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region, and perhaps beyond.

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