Australian zoologist pleads guilty to raping, torturing and killing dozens of dogs

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The Australian zoologist Adam Corden Brittonan expert on crocodiles, pleaded guilty to raping, torturing and killing dozens of dogs, as well as accessing and sharing material of sexual abuse of minors, as confirmed this Tuesday by judicial sources.

Britton – who pleaded guilty yesterday before the Supreme Court of the Northern Territorythe highest court in that Australian jurisdiction – faces a total of 56 charges for animal abuse, as well as for accessing and transmitting sexual material.

Framed in your zoophilic “sadistic interest”Britton-former host of British biologist David Attenboroug– He raped his two pets Ursa and Bolt in his rural home in the Australian city of Darwin since at least 2014, according to prosecutor documents accessed by EFE.

Furthermore, between November 17, 2020 and April 22, 2022, the day of his arrest, the academic “intentionally” killed at least 39 of the 42 dogsincluding puppies, which he bought through an internet portal after torturing and raping them, the court documents added.

The 51-year-old academic used to send photos to owners who, for travel or work reasons, had sold him their pets, assuring them that they were fine, before torturing, raping and killing them in a huge container full of cameras and recording devices that he had inside. his property.

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