‘Barbie’, censored in Algeria by "attack on morale"

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The American film Barbie, from the director Greta Gerwigwas withdrawn this Monday from Algerian cinemas despite having been released on July 21, without there being an official statement from the authorities, which has aroused criticism about a new episode of censorship.

According to the digital newspaper 24H Algérie, the Ministry of Culture sent a circular this Sunday to the distributor MD Ciné, as well as to the theaters of Algiers, Constantine and Oran for its immediate withdrawal by “attack on (religious) morality”, although so far it has not been publicly pronounced.

Among those affected by this decision is the Garden City TMV multi-screen, which today inaugurates its facilities in the capital, and which deprogrammed the tape of its billboard this week to replace it with other titles foreigners like the successful “Oppenheimer”.

This, unlike “Barbie”, contains scenes of sex and nudes, so the Netizens have questioned the reasons of the veto.

Algeria thus follows in the footsteps of other countries in the region such as Kuwait and also Lebanon, which argued that this overproduction “promotes homosexuality” and promotes the idea of ​​”refusing custody of the father, belittling the role of the mother and ridiculing it, questioning the need for marriage and forming a family.”

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