Bb Trickz: "I am more complicated than the King Emeritus"

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“I still have imposter syndrome and think what the hell am I doing here!” Speaks Belize Nicolau Work (Barcelona, ​​2000), but everyone knows her as Bb Trickz. It is one of the musical sensations of 2023, although no one knew about it in January. And it is not an exaggeration.

She had not published any songs on platforms nor was she considered a public figure. She was simply a girl who liked music and she moved in some artistic circle in the Catalan capital. She has a past as a child singer in the duo Oh Cake & The Cookie. But it is something that has become known months later because the questions about his life have been going on for a long time.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the year. It all started when she published a series of videos on her TikTok account that were liked and began to go viral. Some images that were almost impossible not to get hooked on with their looks. aesthetichis fresh and cheeky rhymes and some sensual games with the camera.

Suddenly, boom! Everything exploded. He signed with the multinational Virgin Music, published an EP, collaborated with fashion brands and did the first concert of his career at the Rolling Loud festival in Portugal, one of the most renowned events in hip-hop. Meanwhile, the public continued trying to learn details about this young woman who, out of nowhere, was achieving so much.

“I don’t really like people commenting on my life. I’m a person who seeks privacy, but when I started getting into this world I knew it was something I would have to sacrifice,” he says as soon as we sit down to talk.

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