Bullfighting attacks continue in Bilbao

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The anti-bullfighting continue in their spiral of attacks. Since the posters for Semana Grande were presented, boycotts have been repeated against the advertising of the Bilbao fair, even going so far as to demand that it be removed from the tramway in the Biscayan capital.

«The news of the bullfighting announcement on public transport in the Biscayan capital spread rapidly on social networks, generating a wave of digital protests. Many people from Bilbao expressed their discontent, describing the advertising as a reflection of far-right values ​​and demanding that Euskotren immediately suspend the campaign”, published a local newspaper with an overdose of sectarianism.

As it used to happen in the dark times of ETA, some point out and others act. After 24 hours the tram was the target of acts of vandalism as has been repeated since then with the banners that announce the posters of the formerly called General Bullfights.

The last act of kale borroka has been suffered by the headquarters of the Bullfighting Club of Bilbao, which published on its networks photographs of the facade where the canvas that advertises the bullfighting festivities in August hangs. The entity denounced the “nocturnality and treachery” of those who from cowardice try to impose their criteria.

The attacks with red paint that simulates blood have been repeated over and over again since they announced the great bullfighting event in Bilbao, which will take place between August 20 and 28. This Wednesday, in the Vista Alegre square, tribute will be paid to Roca Rey -who wins a double in the upcoming edition- for his heroic afternoon of the Big Week of 2022.

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