CEOE categorically rejects the amnesty and calls for a PP-PSOE pact: "We want moderation"

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Antonio Garamendi has been very clear: the CEOE would not support an amnesty for the crimes of the process. This was stated by the president of the business association after meeting with Alberto Núñez Feijóo at the PP headquarters.

“There is talk of amnesty, do we agree? No! To be clear, I say it, because if you are not going to misunderstand me: no,” Garamendi responded to journalists, in Genoa, 13. “Is it within the Constitution the word amnesty? I do not think so. I say it very clearly,” she added.

This is how he responded to the acting vice president Yolanda Diazwho asked on Sunday – in an interview in La Vanguardia – to also include social agents in a great historic pact for amnesty.

For the CEOE, the businessmen are “with the Constitution of ’78”, which derived from “a great agreement”, and with “the parliamentary monarchy.” “And what we would like is for the big parties to sit down and reach agreements, which is what the rest of us do. That is what I think would be very good for Spain,” she said. “What we want is moderation,” she insisted.

Garamendi attended the meeting with Feijóo along with the president of Cepyme, Gerardo Cuervato hear from the leader of the PP the general lines of his Government program that he will present at next week’s investiture session.

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