Drugs, hot tubs, orgies and elopements; Lantin prison, the funniest place in Belgium

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The funniest place in Belgium There is one of the many rooms open until dawn in the heart of Brussels. It is neither a theater in Antwerp, nor the university campus in Leuven, nor a comics museum. Not even the Committee of the Regions building. Without the slightest doubt, and from a distance, the most moving, animated, unleashed and surprising place in the entire country is in Lantin, next to Liège, and it is a prison.

I insist, without the slightest doubt. In September, a prisoner escaped and was found enjoying the rush of summer on the beach in Basse-Meuse. In May, M, one of the guards, was caught trying to sneak in a small stash of marijuana. And, just a few weeks earlier, Junior, a poor 29-year-old man who had just been released from confinement and was still wearing an electronic bracelet, was arrested for masturbating against one of the prison walls. An unbalanced person, a sick person, a pervert, they will say. Not at all, I was just nostalgic.

Account Sudinfo that in the most unpredictable place in Belgium a sexual scandal of orgies and debaucheries which affects a dozen officials, it is not known how many inmates, a jacuzzi and a surprising “nymphomaniac” who went from being a regular visitor (her brother is sentenced there for killing a homosexual) to a security guard in a few weeks.

If you look for news about Belgium and prisons, what comes up is a festival. Its facilities are always in the worst positions in the European rankings, which does not prevent the country’s judges from constantly lecturing the rest or denying deliveries. A reader will discover experiments through which judges, prosecutors or journalists can spend a few days in a cell to feel what the life of a condemned person is like. They will discover legendary escapes in helicopters and prisoners sending postcards from Thailand to the wardens. They will discover all kinds of drones leaving drugs or weapons. And they will inevitably reach Lantin, where, for example, in 2023 Pascal, one of his agents, was fined 5% less salary after a DNA test showed that got a prisoner pregnant.

Apparently, during that time there was also some kind of network involving about a dozen extraordinarily ardent officials who enjoyed regular and highly organized orgies, with colored bracelets to see who got whose turn. Normally at one of their house and his jacuzzi, but also at work when they have a crush. And, of course, not only among themselves, but with inmates. The star is of course a woman, identified as Swhom her colleagues describe as a “nymphomaniac” who “couldn’t work if she didn’t have sex first thing in the morning” during her shift.

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