Final electoral ‘sprint’ in Ecuador with the moderate Noboa at the helm

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“I already found out that my husband is being robbed all over the country.” The joke of the influencer Lavinia Valbonesi, wife of the Ecuadorian presidential candidate Daniel Noboaairs the latest electoral juggling of the standard-bearer of the National Democratic Alliance (ADN), main favorite for Sunday’s presidential elections.

And half a million twinslife-size cardboard dolls of the centrist leader Daniel Noboa have been distributed throughout the country and have taken to the networks in a challenge so that they not only appear in the beds and bedrooms of young girls, but also at family gatherings, in the hairdresser’s , in restaurants and on a motorcycle touring the cities.

Noboa, a coup specialist, became famous when he appeared in the presidential debate of the first round protected by a bulletproof vest to “remind people that a candidate was missing because he had been murdered,” he himself detailed to EL MUNDO. This “moderate social democrat” rose like foam in a few days, reaching second place in the polls, 10 points behind the winner, Correísta Luisa Gonzalez.

He overtaking In the polls he arrived immediately when Noboa added support from the rest of the candidates and parties. 10 points up that the noise of the electoral campaign has reduced by half. “The winner will be decided in these last few days,” electoral strategist Antonio Sola, known on the continent as the maker of presidents.

Anything can happen in the Ecuador of electoral surprises in the midst of the wave of punishment votes that sweeps the Americas from North to South. Key elections for the region in which the leftist front dreams that the revolutionary victory will open the doors for the triumphant return of Correa, fugitive from Ecuadorian justice after being sentenced to seven years in prison for corruption. The Puebla Group, headed by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and which brings together populist, revolutionary, leftist and progressive leaders from the region, formally supported González at his last summit, held in Mexico.

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