Flip flops: yes or no? The heads and tails of a typically summer shoe

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In summer, in addition to our clothes, we also change our shoes. After months protected by socks and boots, our feet become more exposed than ever. That is why we must take a series of precautions to avoid contracting infections and some other pathology that can cause us to end up in the podiatrist’s office.

Flip flops are more than recommended footwear for spaces where we can find ponded water such as the common showers, the accesses to the pools and the area around the basin, the changing rooms… Mainly because their use will prevent slips and falls and because it will protect our feet from infections.

The most commons are:

As we have seen, flip flops can help us avoid suffering from some of the main foot pathologies, but we should never abuse them. Its use should be limited exclusively to changing rooms, beaches and swimming pools. If we use them to walk for long distances, it would not be strange if we suffered any of the following problems:

Conclusion, we should wear flip flops but never abuse them. We will limit their use to the spaces for which they have been designed, and if the walk to the pool or the beach is long, we will change them for another shoe that supports the foot, provides stability and has an insole that respects the plantar arch.

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