Greece approves a law that extends the working week to six days and liberalizes schedules

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He Greek parliament approved this Friday the new labor law promoted by the Conservative Government that allows companies to impose a sixth working day and vary employee schedules to adapt them to production needs.

The reform was supported by the 158 deputiesof a total of 300, available after the elections last June, the conservative New Democracy, of the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, while all opposition parties voted against, from the extreme right to the radical left.

During an intervention in Parliament prior to the vote, the Minister of Labor, Adonis Georgiadis, defended his bill and assured that “it neither eliminates the eight-hour day nor the five-day (week).”

The Government argues that The law makes the schedule more flexible to reduce work and undeclared overtime and thus protects workers.

The reform allows workers voluntarily have a second jobof a maximum of five hours a day, together with their main activity of eight hours a day.

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