Has Bizarrap been hacked? Change your name on Instagram to Bizapop

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Shaving revolutionized social networks with a striking change on Monday, September 25. It is possible that the musician was the victim of a hacker, but also that he himself was the one who changed his name in Instagram to generate anticipation for an upcoming release. Now it’s called Bizapop.

The Argentine’s followers can no longer find him on the social network with the username Shaving. He still maintains his publications and more than 20 million followers. In his profile you can see how he has also edited the lyrics of BZRP to form BZPP.

In the early hours of September 25 to 26, the artist went up to Instagram Stories a message that only shows your new username. On the other hand, in Twitter There are many fans who noticed this detail. The producer himself has marked as ‘like’ several messages that echo the change. “Bizapop? something is coming Shaving this week,” says one user.

Several Latin American media echo the rumors circulating on social networks, which suggest that the change is due to a possible collaboration with the singer. Lali Esposito. “Now the pop sessions are coming“comments one tweeter.

The famous Argentine producer could start a new series of singles more oriented to the pop style. The last one he released as Shaving was Music Sessions #56 with Raw Alejandro last June. The two also collaborated on Baby Hello.

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