Justice declares valid the dismissal of a worker who kept sexual photographs of his boss’s wife and a colleague on his computer

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He Superior Court of Justice of Cantabria (TSJC) has declared valid the dismissal of a worker who was fired from his company after finding in his computer photos of sexual content of his boss’s wife and a co-worker.

In a ruling handed down last July, TJSC endorses the decision of the Court of Instruction number 4 of Santander, which in May filed the complaint filed by the worker against his company for his dismissal.

The worker, who had been in the company since 2008, kept a folder on his computer with various pornographic materialincluding some naked photographs of his boss’s wife.

In addition, she had saved 67 photographs of a co-worker’s ass, taken when she was bending over the office photocopier, as well as on the counter of her workplace, which was next to this employee’s.

The worker sued the company for revealing secrets, but the TSJC has considered that the company accessed that information correctly.

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