Leonardo DiCaprio: from folder-popping idol to Scorsese’s right eye

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Have talent and a presence folder forger Are they compatible qualities? Put another way: can a performer boast stunning beauty and receive credit for her work? When Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet they agreed on Don’t look up (2021), Netflix’s apocalyptic hit, the first advised the second – with the advantage of being experienced in life – “not to take hard drugs or star in superhero movies” if Chalamet wanted a career as long as his. .

Opposite Chalamet, 27, DiCaprio stands as an intergenerational icon who is itching to have a birthday. More than just celebrating his birthday, DiCaprio finds it stinging to be reminded that, among his countless achievements, the discovery of immortality is not found. Maybe that’s why he makes his partners pay for it. once these blow out the twenty-fifth candle. Jokes aside, DiCaprio is now in his prime, if he ever had a genuinely bad one. It depends on who you ask.

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (Los Angeles, 1974) was born in the cradle of blockbuster, a few kilometers from the great North American studios. Her parents, divorced since he was a year old, were both European immigrants: Irmelin Indenbirke, a German secretary with Russian ancestors, and George DiCaprio, a comic book artist. underground and half-Italian, half-German comic book distributor. The eternal stranger in Hollywood began his career in the early 1990s with recurring roles in series such as Saint Barbara y The problems grow. In his earliest childhood he had already appeared in some television advertisements.

The jump from the silly box to the seventh art was as frenetic as it was cruel to DiCaprio, who co-stars in Martin Scorsese’s recently released film, The Moon Killers, alongside Robert De Niro. Another “pseudo-American of Italian descent” for the purists. With the another self of Vito Corleone was already measured in his day in Life of this boy (1993), when it was a pubescent boy with a budding acting career in which the statuette was not yet visible. Yes, the applause, however. And the first feminine sighs.

At 19 years old, in his first notable supporting role in Who loves Gilbert Grape? (1993), young Leo gave such a performance that many viewers confused the character’s disorders with those of the actor: “The mentally challenged brother, Arnie, steals the viewer’s heart and attention. His depiction of a teenager trapped in mental retardation is real,” wrote one user in the film’s comments section on IMDb. And another one: “I was shocked. Is he really retarded or what? His performance is so excellent that you will not doubt the importance he is going to have.”

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