Meloni’s advisor who facilitated his call with the Russian comedians resigns

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The diplomatic advisor who facilitated the call of the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, with the Russian comedy duo who posed as an African leader and managed to extract statements about the war in Ukraine and migration, has submitted his resignationThe head of the Government announced today.

Meloni admitted that the call with the impostors It was a matter “handled lightly” and he revealed, during the press conference after the Council of Ministers, that his diplomatic advisor, Francesco Talò, had presented his resignation today.

“We have made at least 80 of these phone calls and I regret that with this setback all the work is called into question. I thank him and the diplomatic office. If I receive a phone call from the diplomatic advisor’s office I have to accept it as good “, the prime minister justified.

Even so, Meloni indicated that throughout the conversation “had doubts”especially in relation to the issue about Ukraine, and that after finishing the call he warned the diplomatic office to verify its origin.

The office of the diplomatic advisor of the Italian presidency issued a statement this weekend to regret having been “deceived by an impostor who had posed as the president of the African Union Commission.

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