The PP denounces that Armengol "has kidnapped" the legislative power and demands the appearance of Sánchez in Congress

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“The current government does not want to be controlled. And the rest of its partners care very little.” The PP explodes against Francina Armengol. The spokesperson for the popularThis Tuesday, Cuca Gamarra accused the president of Congress of “kidnapping” the Chamber for the benefit of the PSOE. For Gamarra, Armengol “prevents Congress from functioning, causing it to remain firmly closed by Pedro Sánchez, so that parliamentary procedures are not carried out.”

Furthermore, the leader popular has revealed that his party is going to request two more appearances before the Plenary Session of the Chamber: that of the acting Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to report on the immigration crisis of Canary Islands; and, above all, that of the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to account for the European Council. “A government in office must fulfill its obligation to inform Congress,” he justified this request.

In a press conference in Congress, the number two by Alberto Núñez Feijóo has harshly criticized the fact that the president of the Lower House has not brought together the parliamentary control body and, in this way, has paralyzed the deadlines for the initiatives pending qualification: “The ordinary thing is that a Round Table is held and a Board of Spokespersons is what should happen, but Congress is being prevented from functioning and nothing is called today.”

“If the Board does not function, the parliamentary initiatives are not qualified, and if the Board of Spokespersons is not convened, it is not possible to agree on what legally corresponds to the Board of Spokespersons, and hinder and obstruct the normal functioning, generating the hijacking of Congress,” emphasized Gamarra, who gave as an example the request presented last week by the PP. for the appearance for the acting Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, to explain the Executive’s position on the escalation in Gaza.

Under the Congress Regulations, which allows a fifth of the spokespersons to force a Meeting to debate specific issues, the PP has registered a document demanding that said body be convened immediately. “Armengol has stopped the clock of the Cortes and has handed it over to Sánchez,” he denounced.

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