Netflix will allow users of the ad-supported plan to download series and movies on their devices

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Users who opt for the plan with ads Netflix They will have an important news at the end of the week: They will be able to download the series and movies they want to watch on their devices, as happens with other plans.

The announcement was made by the director of the group’s Advertising unit, Amy Reinhardin a publication commemorating the first year of this cheaper product that has meant a new way of user growth for the platform streamingand one of the pillars of the strategy that has allowed the market to fall in love again. Now, with this new step, they are once again able to differentiate their service from the rest of the advertising-supported versions that the competition has been launching.

According to the company, It currently has 15 million users per monthwho already watch Netflix with ads. The Los Gatos company hopes to convert this business vertical into one that provides billion-dollar income for the group. For this reason, it has been announcing improvements for some time that became tangible this Wednesday.

First of all, the company will give access to third parties to verify your measurement capacity and will measure your audience with Nielsen in the United States, as well as the impact of its advertising. In parallel, it will launch new advertising formats that will last up to a minute, as well as others with a duration more similar to a Tiktok video, with 10 or 20 seconds.

On the other hand, it has also confirmed that during the first quarter of 2024 it will be launched BingeAd, a provisional name format that will consist of a “super ad” that will be shown to users who have watched three consecutive episodes of a series and then allow them to watch a fourth without ads. That year, there will also be the possibility of including QRCodes in advertisements in the United States.

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