Reissue of Maragall’s play: ‘sorpasso’ from Bildu to the PNV

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About a month and a half ago I was amazed at the relief with which the president of the PNV boasted of having stopped the right. You have to see, a party that had as its motto God and Lagizarra! What will you believe Andoni Ortuzar what is the right?

There is no way to know, although he probably made progress on his visit to Carles Puigdemont in his kingdom of Waterloo. The photo of the meeting at the summit was impressive, exaggerating a bit. They were both a bit messy, although Andoni was a bit worse, in an impossible blue, with a tie that hung off of him, in the style Trump, up to the crotch. And the shoes, what shoes, my goodness, with white laces that sang the talk.

They were accompanied by Jordi Turull and by Joseba Aurrekoetxea. We must give credit to the Basques for the gesture of planting the ikurriña in the center of the room, where families usually have the TV, while the signer, more discreet, kept the EU flag company. Every time I see that flag I remember that effort shown by the PNV at the time when the Union had 12 member countries and the government officials They indicated their aspiration to go “for the thirteenth star.” They actually meant “the thirteenth”, but it is so easy to confuse the partitive with the ordinal. Ruffian he still does not distinguish them despite the pedagogical efforts he made Esperanza Aguirre in an appearance in Congress.

A first issue that might surprise inexperienced observers is that despite the efforts of both parties to impose Catalan and Basque as the official languages ​​of the Union, the two understood each other in Koine, which they both speak and I I would say that the one who speaks the best, at least Ortuzar, who was illiterate in Basque until he began to learn it to take office as the EITB Directorate. It is a pity that they have not given an example of openness to other languages ​​and have kept the interview in Gomero whistle, for example. With their translators or with their earpieces, as they prefer.

Sigma Dos has prepared a survey that was carried out between September 13 and 15 and that gives no reason for optimism to the PNV, which in the face of the 2024 regional elections loses six points and six seats, (from 31 to 25) while its main adversary, EH Bildu, which had 21 parliamentarians, gains six seats to reach 27, two above the PNV.

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