He doesn’t like the menu, he gets up and smashes a chair on the waitress’s back: terror at Caffè Veneto

PADUA – Moments of terror yesterday, August 13, in the early afternoon at Venetian coffee in the central via Martiri della Libertà, which connects largo Europa to piazza Insurrezione. A client went into a rage and he has violently beat the waitress who had approached to serve him and a customer who intervened in defense … Read more

Blinken: Russian aggression against Ukraine could cause a domino effect around the world

From the point of view of the USA, it is important to take a stand against Russia, because its aggression against Ukraine threatens the basic principles of the international system, Blinken said. On the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Africa, Naledi Pandora, stated that no one in the … Read more

US Military Commander in Japan Ready to Face Chinese Aggression

Tribunnews.com Correspondent Report, Richard Susilo from Japan TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TOKYO – US military force commander in Japan ready to face aggression China. As is known, last Thursday (4/8/2022) a ballistic missile China enter the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Japan. US military leadership in Japan and the commander of the self-defense force Japan (SDF), Friday (5/8/2022) held … Read more

Brain stimulation for aggression, fasting for diabetes and excess mortality

Every Friday you can come to us for a weekly overview in which we briefly look back at the most striking, interesting or most important news items per working day. This week, among other things, a new corona vaccine, brain stimulation for aggression, too little care for asylum seekers, fasting for diabetes and excess mortality … Read more

He stabbed her, now he’s free by mistake. The anger of Marta: “We victims never protected”

MOGLIANO VENETO – Knowing that his attacker is already free, due to a judicial error, was like receiving another stab. The twenty-fourth, after that teenager had surprised her from behind in the campaign in March of last year Mogliano Veneto while he stood jogging, and had reduced her to death. A robbery ended in blood, … Read more

Duda: What happened during the Warsaw Uprising is similar to today’s aggression against Ukraine

The president visited the exhibition on Monday “Warsaw-Mariupol – cities of ruins, cities of struggle, cities of hope”, open to pl. Piłsudski before the building of the Warsaw Garrison Command. As he emphasized, the exhibition is eloquent and shows photos from Warsaw uprisingthen the capital and cities of today’s Ukraine, which were destroyed by the … Read more

Ukraine, Russian aggression. Pope Francis on “one sane thing to be done” about war

Pope Francis stated that in the face of the losses that the daily war in Ukraine brings, “the only reasonable thing” to do is “to stop and negotiate”. “May wisdom inspire concrete steps for peace,” he said. The Pope addressed the faithful who came for the noon prayer of the Angelus in Vatican. He said … Read more

Aggression at the counter leads to outflow of pharmacy staff

NOS News•Thursday, 07:01•Amended Thursday, 14:29 Isa Huizing interior editor Isa Huizing interior editor Frustrated and aggressive patients at the counter are the main reason for pharmacy assistants to stop, according to a poll conducted at the request of the NOS pharmacists’ organization KNMP among almost 850 of the 2000 pharmacists. It shortage to pharmacy assistants … Read more

Head of Ukrainian diplomacy Kuleba: Russia has two main weapons against Europe

The reason was also that the Czech Republic and Czech citizens supported Ukraine in its fight against the Russian aggressor like few countries in the world during the past six months. “At a meeting with the president Volodymyr Zelensky there was a big thank you for the military assistance we provide,” said the head of … Read more

Majo Martino, shocked at the aggression of a stranger during a live mobile

May Martino provided a rugged interview on a mobile live since in the middle of it had to take shelter at the entrance of a local after an intoxicated person threw a bottle towards the place where he was standing. In LAM, Angel of Brito and its panelists questioned the journalist in depth about his … Read more