The digital Euro, the future of monetary transactions

Faced with the rise of cryptocurrencies amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed, on July 15, the launch of the digital euro project after an investigation phase and much hesitation . As the press release confirms, the first phase of the investigation has started and is expected to last 24 months. … Read more

Morocco, location of the film “The Alchemist”

The feature film will be directed by American director Kevin Scott Frakes, with the participation of international stars such as Sebastian De Souza, Tom Hollander, Moroccan actor Youssef Kerkour and Palestinian actor Ashraf Barhom. Zak Production is the Moroccan production company which will ensure the executive production alongside the American production company which bears the … Read more

Itel launches its innovative Itel P37 smartphone in Morocco

The itel P37 is a smartphone designed to help users have fun and play at a reasonable cost while offering “great flexibility, but also full of fun, practical and user-friendly features” read a statement. For smartphones of the budget range, most of the users complain that the battery capacity is not large enough, that the … Read more

The “Light’in” startup project for smart lighting is born

“An innovative project and the result of an unprecedented public-private partnership, ‘Light’in Maroc’ will optimize the energy consumption linked to public lighting thanks to a new technological solution”, indicated the institute in a statement. communicated. As part of its dynamic of supporting the promotion of research and innovation projects in the field of green technologies, … Read more

The majority of SMEs opt for EDI mode

“Sage Maroc”, publisher of management software, presented, Tuesday, June 15, the results of its barometer of the online VAT declaration, and this, on the occasion of a round table held under the theme: ” How can fiscal dematerialization contribute to economic recovery? ”. Conducted with 165 Moroccan SMEs, the study aims to shed light on … Read more

Mosquito repellent has been shown to be effective against the new coronavirus

Researchers from the Department of Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) had been tasked with evaluating the anti-viral activity of Mosi-guard Natural insect repellent, containing a substance called Citriodiol, derived from the essential oil lemon eucalyptus, which may offer protection against COVID-19. According to the ministry, which specifies that in both cases, the product has … Read more

Meetings closed for teams until the end of the season

The National Professional Football League (LNFP) proposed, during a remote meeting on Tuesday, to schedule closed gatherings for Botola Pro D1 and D2 clubs until the end of the season in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, protect the health of players and technical and medical teams and avoid any contact with infected people … Read more

the PLFR adopted at second reading

The aim of this bill is to put in place mechanisms to support the gradual resumption of economic activity and the preservation of employment, as well as practical measures to improve the efficiency of the administration. It is based on three main pillars, namely: support for the gradual recovery of economic activity, protection of employment … Read more

PCR and serological tests: A conditioned effectiveness

The requirement for serological tests for Moroccans stranded or residing abroad who want to cross the borders of our country was based on a commendable concern to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. A legitimate question then arises Dr Khadija Moussayer, president of the Moroccan Association of Autoimmune and Systemic Diseases (AMMAIS): the “immune … Read more

Microsoft’s plea to save SMEs

“The challenge now is to establish new supply chains in Africa. The African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECA) agreement can play a role in unlocking innovation, growth and productivity on the continent , especially for its SME segment, by translating purchasing power into economic development, “said Microsoft in a statement, noting that it is essential … Read more