Alena’s horoscope: Aries not to let them get in the way, Taurus with increased confidence

ARIES Your distraction is gone the morning of the day off. Get on with your routine work without getting distracted by side pursuits. Don’t let them get in your way to finish your tasks quickly. I do not advise business people to have conversations related to investments that they have to make in the next … Read more

Appearance of three novelties in the next update

Also on the program, new options will allow parents to better supervise the activity of their children. This update is perceived as welcome for Meta environments, especially since it includes the integration of an “immersive” option in the “Do Not Disturb” function. As a reminder, the last interesting novelty, which saw the light of day … Read more

Beautiful tribute to Abdelkrim Bennani

The BNRM has chosen to honor one of the figures of the city of Rabat known for his humanitarian and voluntary action within the city. Abdelkrim Bennani has been at the head of several sustainable development projects which have contributed to the development of the capital, underlined the participants in the ceremony. The event in … Read more

Alena’s horoscope: Tact is a must for Sagittarius, unplanned purchases for Capricorns

ARIES At the workplace, put aside your tasks until noon and finish the work you started a while ago. You have decided to visit your friends in the evening, but without your family, and this will make them nervous and worried. Promise them you won’t be too late and you’ll be home for dinner. Be … Read more

US Tesla, profit margin declines above expectations in the fourth quarter | Reuters

[25日 ロイター] – US electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla announced on the 25th that sales and profits exceeded market expectations in the fourth quarter of 2022. The number of vehicles delivered in the same quarter reached a record high, which contributed. However, the profit margin of the automobile business fell sharply. US electric vehicle (EV) … Read more

Reform/ Health/ Agency/ Drugs/ AMO/ Equity/ CNSS/ CNOPS

Written by Saad Jafri Tuesday January 24, 2023 🚨 Ring #12: 🥊 Guest: Dr. Mohamed Zidouh, Councilor at the House of Councilors (2nd House of Parliament) 👉 Reform/ Health/ Agency/ Drugs/ AMO/ Funding/ Equity/ CNSS/ CNOPS 🥊 Round #1: Health Reform / What strategy for what benefit(s)? 🥊 Round #2: AMO / How does it … Read more

Anaëlle Myriam Chaaib: storytelling, poetry and humor

At the heart of his practice is a reinvention of naïve painting used by Moroccan artists of the last century. His work is inspired by recognizable cultural references such as Persian miniature painting, Moroccan tales, exotic architectural models and more modern and contemporary classical works. Alongside these identifiable sources – often considered as “truth” – … Read more

Switch to vegetable coloring

In “clean beauty”, hair dyes are also going green. To meet the demand of eco-responsible consumers, cosmetics brands do not hesitate to rework their products. Natural coloring is the perfect alternative to chemical dyeing, which has long been decried. The latter consists of synthetic pigments mixed with an oxidant, often ammonia or ethanolamine, known to … Read more

Porfirio Rubirosa, the super gifted seducer – Labor

The Dominican is ranked Playboy #1 and heir to Don Juan and Giacomo Casanova Diplomat, spy, athlete, party-goer, businessman, celebrity crush Marries the two richest ladies in the world, then hugs a poor but divine young actress Poems were written, songs were sung, and films were filmed about him during his lifetime As soon as … Read more

In Lord’s Box: Who Directed Prince Harry?

Before Meghan, he was a kind and good-natured boy… After Diana, are they the new media outfit? Nobody knows Harry, so those who want to speak about him should be viewed with suspicion. With that, I’ll begin my take on the book that “surprised the world.” No one can claim to know Harry – perhaps … Read more