Theorycraft Games welcomes two big names

While still working on their debut title, a mysterious multiplayer title codenamed Loki, which is said to be 10,000 hours long, developer Theorycraft Games regularly attracts big names. So again today, with the addition of Andrew Yip and Kévin Le Moigne. If you’re anything like the average gamer, these names won’t tell you anything. Apart … Read more

‘After careful consideration The Queen has decided’: Harry, Meghan and Andrew will be absent from the Buckingham Balcony during the Jubilee

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, as well as Prince Andrew, will be deprived of an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, during a ceremony on June 2 marking the start of festivities for the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II, the palace announced on Friday. “After careful consideration, The Queen has decided … Read more

Prince William and Kate snatch Prince Andrew Cottage from under their noses

Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40) are looking for a new roof over their heads. The family should go to Windsor and thus closer to Queen Elizabeth II (94). The monarch has moved her permanent retirement home to Windsor Castle. As the British newspaper “The Sun” reports, the heir to the throne couple has … Read more

Andrew Garfield, Celebrity | Andrew Garfield takes a break from his acting career: – Just wants to be an ordinary person

Actor Andrew Garfield (38) has over the years become a sought-after man in Hollywood, and on his CV are major roles such as Peter Parker in “Spider-Man” and Eduardo Saverin in “The Social Network”. His achievements have garnered much praise, in addition to nominations and awards. During this year’s Oscars, he was nominated for best … Read more

Andrew Raymond Barnes – “Hotel Caesar” actor is dead

On Monday afternoon, it was announced that actor Andrew Raymond Barnes has been confirmed dead. It reports TV 2. The death message has been shared on several social media, and has been confirmed by the actor’s brother, Jarl Barnes. – As a family in England, we are all touched by all the nice messages we … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, her attitude towards Prince Andrew and the reaction of the royal family

Prince William and Kate Middleton are already making plans for the coming summer. According to sources close to the royal couple, they will spend the summer months at Windsor Castle to be closer to Queen Elizabeth. Will Queen Elizabeth return to Buckingham Palace? Plans for her future The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are even … Read more

In the United Kingdom, Prince Andrew again embroiled in a legal case

Prince Andrew, withdrawn from the British monarchy because of his links with the Epstein affair, finds himself embroiled since Friday in a case of fraud heard in court. He would have received “significant sums” from a Turkish businessman, according to documents revealed by the press. The Duke of York and his former wife Sarah Ferguson … Read more

Dubious money transfers. New trouble for Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew is in the headlines again. dpa The Queen’s second son has made negative headlines again. This time it’s about connections to a dubious businessman. The British Prince Andrew (62) has allegedly embezzled money, which he received through a controversial businessman, returned to its rightful owner. As the German Press Agency learned on Saturday, … Read more

British Prince Andrew involved in fraud case

©  AFP Prince Andrew is embroiled in a fraud case currently before the courts, according to documents released by the press on Friday. The prince is said to have received large amounts of money from a Turkish businessman. Source: BELGIAN Friday 1 April 2022 at 15:41 The Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson … Read more