Prince Andrew conspired with Diana to keep Charles from becoming king

Britain’s Prince Andrew secretly plotted with Princess Diana and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to keep then Prince Charles from becoming king like this. Instead, Charles’ and Diana’s son William would take the throne, while Andrew would act as temporary administrator. At least that’s what a royal biographer claims in her new book. Thursday 22 September … Read more

Prince Andrew thanks his mother Elizabeth II for her “trust” despite the scandals

Prince Andrew, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II who fell into disgrace after accusations of sexual assault, paid tribute on Sunday to salute his mother’s “compassion” and “her confidence”, on the eve of his national funeral. • Read also: A Quebecer did not hesitate to wait 14 hours in line to pay tribute to … Read more

Prince Andrew: – Shameful

For the past year, Prince Andrew – Queen Elizabeth’s third child – has kept a low profile after he settled in the United States with a woman who claims that he committed several sexual assaults on her in 2001. At the time, she was 17 and a minor under American law. He has also made … Read more

Prince Andrew – Scandal interview: – Didn’t think it was true

In 2019, there were probably many loyal fans who put the coffee down their throats. The once respected Prince Andrew (62) appeared in an interview with the BBC, where he had to answer a number of accusations of abuse and his friendship with the financial billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of abuse. The interview received massive … Read more

Alexandra Daddario, Zendaya, Andrew Garfield and Best Dressed at the Emmys

As usual, after one of the big film and television awards ceremonies is over, we also take a look at the outfits the stars chose for the red carpet. Here are our ten favorites from the Emmys. Here are the big winners at the 2022 Emmy Awards Zendaya is turning heads again If we have … Read more

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, the dress code and how both Prince Harry and Prince Andrew were chastised

There are many details, the clarification of which precedes the funeral of Queen Elizabeth – it will be on September 19, which will also be a non-working day. Unlike the last funeral of a similar magnitude, however (Prince Philip’s last year), the Queen’s was a state funeral. Queen Elizabeth’s funeral – what we know about … Read more

A shout from the crowd during the procession of Queen Elizabeth: “Prince Andrew, you are an old and sick man”

“Andrea, you are an old and sick man!“. The scream that embarrasses the royals suddenly breaks through during the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth. It all happened on the afternoon of September 12 when the coffin of the former sovereign passed through the streets of Edinburgh. With unsupported march, the military and royal procession was … Read more

Andrew, you are a perverted old man, the youth shouted at the queen’s son

The Queen Elizabeth II. stripped Prince Andrew, 62, of royal patronage and military titles in January after Virginia Giuffre sued him, alleging Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with the Duke of York when she was 17. Share Impose Saved Share Share the article You must be logged in to save an article. Failed … Read more

Prince Andrew, military pilot stripped of title expelled by the British Empire

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 – 13:17 WIB VIVA World – After Prince Andrew received ridicule from one of Queen Elizabeth II’s mourners in Edinburgh, the name Prince English it’s not far from a scandal. The shocking cases of sexual harassment and sex trafficking that had shaken up Government Britain dragged Prince Andrew, the son of … Read more