Maybe my brother won’t need an apology for the neighbors today, Holes laughed after the derby

Slavic football player Tomáš Holeš was thrilled that he had fulfilled his dreams this week. The 28-year-old defensive universal first gave the Prague team a 1: 1 draw in the opening quarterfinals of the European League at Arsenal on Thursday at the end of the setting, and today he directed his team to a 2-0 … Read more

TEN Issue It is not a matter to pass over to TV Chosun’s apology for agreeing to the wife’s taste manipulation.

Ham So-won’s lies led to the end of Season 1 of’The Wife’s Taste’. It is obviously wrong that Ham So-won manipulated the broadcast to show off his wealth. However, not all of this is solely the responsibility of Ham So-won. There is certainly a mistake by the production crew who did not properly check the … Read more

A public apology, from originality to melodies … and the Egyptian actress responds

In an artistic surprise of a heavy caliber, the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, published a picture of Angham with her children through her account on “Instagram”, with a public apology to end a dispute that lasted about two years. And she wrote on Tuesday evening, “Without introductions, I would like to apologize to my dearly … Read more

Apparently she didn’t really know what she was getting into, but she messed it up: Harry wants an apology and Meghan? Will she be president?

Prince Harry wants an apology. What’s new in the royal family? After the controversial conversation between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey, the situation in the royal family is constantly evolving. According to the latest information, Harry is asking his family to apologize to Meghan. Experts, on the other hand, compare the prince’s … Read more

The National Police’s TR drama bans media coverage of arrogant police, ending with an apology – Media circles to social activists were shocked by the publication of Telegram Police chief one of which prohibits the media from broadcasting or covering the actions of individuals arrogant cop. Where it is only allowed to broadcast positive, humanist Polri activities. Obviously, this TR immediately drew a lot of criticism. Apart from being … Read more

TBS apology, Kanning Takeyama misunderstands facts due to production costs in Tokyo –Entertainment: Nikkan Sports

Breaking news of professional baseball scores Tiger0 – 0TwinsBefore starting Ranger – BrugesApril 6th 5:05 Indy – RoyalApril 6th 5:10 Yankee – OrioApril 6th 7:35 Red So – RaiseApril 6th 8:10 Angel – AstroApril 6th 10:38 Mariner – whiteApril 6th 11:10 Athletic – DodgerApril 6th 10:40 National0 – 0BraveCancel Merlin – CardinaApril 6th 7:40 Reds … Read more

Handwritten apology for “Only Sorry” Park Na-rae, who faced the greatest crisis (Comprehensive)

Narae Park Comedian [제이디비엔터테인먼트 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지] (Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Jung-hyun = When Narae Park, a comedian who has been triumphantly seeking victory under a firm fandom centered on young women, faced the greatest crisis during her activities with her sexual harassment remarks in web entertainment, she finally made a … Read more

The secret of Al-Zahid’s apology for not continuing to present the “Hazer Fazr” program … and who is her replacement? Arabic – News, Opinions and Radio Sputnik Sputnik The Egyptian artist, Hana Zahid, apologized for not continuing to present the light artists competition program “Hazer Fazr”, which is considered her first experience in television presentation. Zahid’s apology for not presenting a new season of the program came because of her preoccupation … Read more

Marbury: an apology to all former TV fans has never been as embarrassing and embarrassing as today

Original title: Marbury: Apologizing to all former TV fans has never been as embarrassing and embarrassing as today On March 17, Beijing time, the third stage of the 2020-21 CBA regular season will continue. The Beikong team lost 92 to 119 to the Guangzhou team and suffered a two-game losing streak. After the game, Marbury … Read more

An apology and a promise of changes

In a 180-degree turn from the timid statement released last Tuesday after the unveiling of the collective action of five former national team swimmers, Artistic Swimming Canada (NAC) apologizes and promises changes within five days to correct abuse. • Read also: Artistic swimming: an open letter calling for change • Read also: The gold medal, … Read more